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We offer childcare services to give you peace of mind while you work

Our gym team members are not only passionate about fitness but also about fostering a sense of community within our gym. They create a warm and inclusive environment where members feel welcomed, supported, and connected. They organize group activities, challenges, and events that bring our members together, encouraging camaraderie, friendly competition, and mutual support.

We understand that every individual is unique, with different goals, abilities, and preferences. Our gym team members excel in providing a personalized approach to your fitness journey. They take the time to listen, assess, and customize your workouts and programs to ensure they align with your objectives and fit your lifestyle. This personalized attention allows for a more effective and rewarding fitness

We offer discounted membership options for students and seniors who want to prioritize their health

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Our standard membership provides access to our gym facilities during regular operating hours. This option is ideal for individuals who prefer independent workouts and want to make use of our state-of-the-art equipment and amenities. For those seeking an elevated gym experience, our premium membership offers additional perks and benefits. Along with access to all our gym facilities, premium members enjoy exclusive privileges such as priority class reservations, complimentary towel service, and access to specialized training programs or workshops.

We understand the importance of fitness for the whole family. Our family membership option allows multiple family members to join under a single membership, making it a cost-effective choice. This option encourages a healthy and active lifestyle for everyone in your household.

We offer discounted membership options for students and seniors who want to prioritize their health and fitness. These specialized memberships are designed to make fitness accessible and affordable for these specific groups. If you’re visiting the area or want to bring a friend along for a workout, we offer day passes and guest passes. These options allow temporary access to our gym facilities and give you a chance to experience what Fitmas has to offer.

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